About Company

Al-Badawi Medical Company is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of medical gauze and its derivatives, including “gauze bands - abdominal towels - dressing - gauze sheets (gauze by meter) - swab - compression bands - medical cotton...etc. “In Egypt and the Arab world.

Since the emergence of the company in 1988 AD and after the Chairman of its Board of Directors, Dr. Osama Al-Badawi, laid the first building block in its construction, we have been on a continuous rise, thanks to God and the trust of our precious customers for our distinguished products that demonstrate their sound characteristics: -

Its various dimensions, sizes, and materials, which are suitable for all medical purposes. The company produces, for example - but is not limited to - medical gauze bandages, three categories of different materials, “A’M, B, C”, which vary in the density of the textile threads in them per cm2, longitudinally and transversely. Therefore, material A is Our thickest category of raw materials has the highest density in its fabric threads and is the heaviest in weight. Accordingly, Raw Material B is the average medium density raw material, and the least in weight and thickness is Raw Material C. As for Raw Material M, it is a material suitable for industrial purposes because of its mixing ratio according to the requirements of the customers who use it.

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