ElBadawy  Medical Company is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of medical disposables and compression Bandages (medical gauze and its derivatives) such as “gauze bandages - abdominal towels - dressings (medical disposables) - gauze sheets (gauze by meter) - gauze swab with x-ray viewer .................... etc. in Egypt and the Arab and African worlds.

Since the emergence of the company in the year 2007 AD and after the Chairman of its Board of Directors, Dr. Osama Elbadawy, laid the first building block in its construction, we have been on a continuous rise, thanks to God and the trust of our precious customers for our distinguished products, whose sound characteristics appear in the following: -

  • Its tissue distribution is of high quality.
  • Its high absorption capacity.
  • It is treated with medical chemicals

"so that it does not cause any type of allergy."

  • Its extreme softness and ultimate purity.
  • It is distinguished and unique in its high quality in its manufacturing stages of processing, packaging and packaging.
  • Our leadership in our special packaging ensures that the product reaches our customers safe from the risks of transportation and storage.
  • Its various dimensions, sizes, and materials, which are suitable for all medical purposes. The company produces, for example - but is not limited to - medical gauze bandages of different categories of materials, “A, B, C, M,” which vary in the density of the textile threads in them per cm2, longitudinally and transversely. Therefore, material A is thicker. Our categories of materials are the densest and heaviest in their fabric threads, and accordingly, Material B is the medium-density material, and the least in weight and thickness is the last material, Material C. As for Material M, it is the material mixed in different proportions of cotton and polyester to suit industrial and non-medical purposes.
  • Its raw materials are manufactured from the finest types of cotton and Egyptian yarn,

 “100% pure cotton without any additives.”

  • We have placed it upon ourselves to meet all requests with special specifications to ensure our spread and meet the needs and requests of our customers, whatever their specifications.
  • All this work is done according to Egyptian and international standards at each of its various manufacturing stages.

- All of this is also done under the supervision of an elite group of specialists in the fields of textile industrial engineering, laboratory engineering, and the medical aspect to combine the two passions

“industry and medical sense.”

All you have to do is call to inquire and ask about whatever you want, and our representative will reach you wherever you are to meet your needs